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Regulatory Support

We can provide the regular advice and assistance ...

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Compliance Solutions will manage both your corporate ...

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Compliance Reviews

Our reviews are completely unbiased and 100 per cent useful ...

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Compliance Monitoring

The Hong Kong Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed ...

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Compliance Training

Training and Competence has never been more important ...

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Customer Complaints Handling

Not analysing and acting on complaints in terms of numbers...

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Anti Money Laundering "KYC"

Many regulated businesses worry about money laundering...

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About Us

Based in Hong Kong, Compliance Solutions specializes in providing regulatory and compliance consulting services to financial institutions in Asia Pacific.

Our mission is to provide our clients with affordable, practical solutions to help them comply with the ever-changing regulatory regime — and improve their competitive position as a result.

It makes good business sense to be with your clients, doing what you do best, rather than being in the office trying to come to terms with the latest regulations.

Although compliance consultancy services are obviously another expense for your business, most firms would agree that the amount of business they could generate in a day spent with clients rather than in the office, would more than outweigh the cost of someone taking the headache of regulation away from them!!

We pride ourselves on providing a service which is tailor made for each of our clients, so that we can ensure they are getting value for money.

All of our consultants have been trained to provide you with the support you need. All hold a minimum of the International Diploma in Compliance.

For more information please contact a member of our staff for a no obligation chat